• Children are considered for admission in Nursery to the age group of 03 plus.
  • Admission to all other classes depends upon the availability of seats which are usually notified in the month of December every year.
  • Students seeking admission should first get themselves registered. Registration Form are part of the school. Prospectus can be obtained from the school in person or by post on payment or RS. 100/- Postage is extra, if the prospectus should be made in the prescribed from accompanied by requisite information and fee. Registration is not a guarantee of admission in any case.
  • Name are usually registered on waiting list and parents are subsequently informed about the availability of admission as desired.
  • Registration gives no right to claim admission. It is only a step in aidfor admission to classes IIIrd to IXth will have to appear for the Entrance Test which comprises of three main subjects. i.e. English, Mathematics & G.K.
  • Candidates seeking admission to class IX will be required (in addition to admission test) to appear for an interview before admission is granted.